Saints Row The Third & NBA 2K11 Trial Times Reduced on OnLive

Over the weekend, several members of our forum made a startling discovery about trials for 2 OnLive games. Trial times for both Saints Row The Third & NBA 2K11 had been reduced from 30 minutes to 15 minutes.

On November 19th, Editor Ed Krassenstein wrote an article announcing the exclusive OnLive 30 minute trial for Saints Row The Third. Many OnLive users jumped at the opportunity to trial a game so praised by critics.

However, the next day that changed. Many of our forum members trialed Saints Row The Third, only to find out that their trial had been cut in half. Instead of 30 minutes, it is not a 15 minute trial. A thread was created in the forum by a member looking for answers.

As it turns out, Saints Row The Third was not the only game that had it’s trial time reduced. NBA 2K11 also had its trial cut down to 15 minutes. NBA 2K11 was released on OnLive on October 5, 2010, with a 30 minute trial.

No word on why these trials were reduced, or if there were any others reduced. Have you found any other trial time reductions? Let us know at the Forum


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Matthew Wilson On November - 20 - 2011

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