OnLive on the Xperia Play: Unofficial App Makes it Work

xperia play onlive gamepadThere is some good news for Sony Xperia Play users, who wish to use the the device’s gamepad while playing games via the OnLive service. There has been an unofficial app created that enables the controls of the Xperia Play on the OnLive service.

With this app only being released a few days, it is only currently compatible with LEGO Batman and DiRT 3. The developer plans to add compatibility with more games as time goes on. The good news is that everyone who downloads the official OnLive app from the android market (and the Apple App store when it is released) will get a free copy of LEGO Batman. This mean that anyone with an Xperia Play can play at least one game on their device for free.

The unofficial OnLive Helper app can be downloaded in the Android market. Like the OnLive app, it is also free of charge. So far, the reviews for the Helper app have been very good.

“Very impressive. I have to use the R trigger to select options in the menu. Very easy to set up and use. If you keep this up I might swap to OnLive,” said one user who has download the app.

Once the OnLive Helper app is downloaded to the Xperia play, you must change the Input Method Service to “OnLive Helper”.

Let us know if you have given this app a try, and if it works on your Xperia Play at Forum.

Here is a brief demo of the OnLive app running on the Xperia Play with the OnLive Helper:


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Alan Blankenship On December - 11 - 2011

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