OnLive is Expanding to Europe This Year with Additional Payment Methods

European gamers have been waiting over a year and a half for the opportunity to play video games on OnLive’s cloud gaming system. The wait will finally be over with later this year. At the afternoon presentation put on by OnLive at the GDC yesterday, Chris Donahue explained his desire to provide as many people as possible, access to OnLive’s service.

Donahue, the head of publisher and developer relations at OnLive stated, “We are launching in Europe later this year, so we’ve got to change. They don’t accept US credit cards there. There’s pay by mobile and all those other billing things.”

Once OnLive integrates with other payment methods, that are accepted internationally, then we should see servers begin going up in several European countries. Donahue did not make it clear where the servers would be located, but one is led to believe that a vast majority of Europe will have access to OnLive.

“I’ve been waiting for OnLive to come to Europe for over a year,” explained French video game developer Alexandre LeFevre. “I think gamers here will welcome cloud gaming with opened arms. It is up to OnLive to bring it here, and I’m glad they will finally be doing so.”

LeFevre isn’t alone. Many European gamers have been posting on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and even our Forum about their desire to gain access to OnLive.

Will Europe be the end though?

“Once Europe gets OnLive, I’m sure Asian countries will be begging to be next. It really shows how much in demand a service like OnLive is,” explained LeFevre.

OnLive obviously has a goal in mind. They want their service to be accessible from anywhere in the world, whether you are in New York, London, Hong Kong, or even South Africa. They want everyone from kids to seniors streaming video games to their homes.

“I want to get cash cards so I can get little kids’ money. I want everybody’s money, stated Chris Donahue in a joking but sort of truthful manner.”

When OnLive moves to Europe later this year, Donahue and OnLive, Inc. will surely find more people to hand over money in exchange for virtually endless gaming.

Are you in Europe or another country that doesn’t have access to OnLive? What does this move mean for you?

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Alan Blankenship On March - 3 - 2011

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