OnLive Cloud Video Game App is Now Available on Google TV

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As of a few days ago, speculation began that we could very soon see OnLive on TV’s, blu-ray players and set-top boxes.’s Ady Carter pointed out yesterday that OnLive released an “OnLive Viewer” App in the Android market, that had just become available for smartphones and tablets. There really is no need for the “OnLive Viewer” since the “OnLive Player” app, which is already available on mobile Android devices, can do everything that the viewer app can do, and more.

One thing that many users noticed was that the requirements for the OnLive Viewer app included Android 3.0, whereas the OnLive Player App only requires Android 2.3. Also we took note that the URL for the Android market app included “onlive.clientgtv” at the end. This led many OnLive fans to believe that the “gtv” in the extension stood for “Google TV”.

A further look into the description of the app on the marketplace, and you will find some text that reads, “Your game profile is stored in the cloud so you can play on your Android tablet or phone and then sign on to your Google TV to watch your friends play.”

Last night and this morning, there were reports that the OnLive Viewer App was now available on some Google TVs.

“I just woke up this morning and realized that my wishes are being answered,” explained forum member Agsiver. “I checked the Google TV Android Market on my Sony Internet TV and OnLive is featured at the top!”

Another member confirmed that it is also now available on the Logitech Revue (a Google TV Device). Agsiver also noted that his Xbox wired controller worked on the app.

We have not confirmed anything yet with OnLive, and we are not sure if the OnLive Viewer App is available in the Google TV Android market on all devices, but there is no reason to believe it is not.

OnLive is expected to make some announcements this coming week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. Perhaps we will see more on this in the coming days.

While the OnLive Viewer app has been made available on at least some Google TVs, the OnLive Player app which actually allows gamers to play games is not yet available on these devices. The OnLive Viewer app allows gamers to spectate other players playing games on the service. We fully expect to see the OnLive Player app released for Google TV in the near future. Could it be this coming week? We can only wait and see.

Do you have a TV or Set-top box with Google TV? Can you access the OnLive Viewer App in the Android market via these devices? Let us know at Forum.


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Alan Blankenship On January - 7 - 2012

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