OnLive CEO Steve Perlman Confirms the OnLive Google TV Launch: The Player App is Coming Soon All Google TV Devices

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On Saturday, OnLiveFans broke a story about OnLive becoming available on Google TV. It was confirmed to be working on several Google TV devices, including the Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV.

Today, Steve Perlman confirmed this and discussed it a bit more in a posting on the official Google TV blog.

“Videogames just took a huge leap into the future with OnLive cloud gaming on Google TV.

With Google TV, you take it for granted that you can stream just about any type of linear media—video, movies, music—on demand and experience it instantly. But, when it comes to the latest high-performance console-class games, you probably still need discs and big downloads to experience them, and gameplay is anything but instant.

Download the OnLive Viewer app, fire it up and check out my favorite place, the Arena. What you’ll see are gamers around the world playing top-tier videogames live, some of them approaching the visual realism of live action, and before long, you might even think you are watching a movie. Cheer (click thumbs-up) if you like what you see, and that cheer might appear on the screen of a gamer on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Try friending and striking up some chat. And, definitely watch some Brag Clip® videos, showing the best (and worst!) of OnLive gaming, with the most jaw-dropping and most hilarious moments captured from live gameplay.”

While only the OnLive viewer app is available currently on Google TV, Perlman confirmed that gamers will soon be able to play games via Google TV & the OnLive app in the near future.

“As we do with most new platforms, OnLive is starting out with a Viewer on Google TV, so for now, you can just watch and use OnLive social features. But hang in there, OnLive is working closely with Google to enable full gameplay with OnLive gamers from around the world on Google TV. And more Google TV devices are coming, with OnLive built right in.”

Full OnLive gameplay is coming soon to all current and future Google TV devices, including TVs, Blu-ray players and Media Streamers, making Google TV the first integrated TV platform with console-class gameplay capability, and bringing OnLive capability to most major TV manufacturers

This week at CES, we have been seeing quite a few new Smart TVs, that are going to be released sometime this year. Vizio also introduced several new products that will include Google TV 2.0, such as their $99 VAP430 Stream Player set-top box. OnLive instant on-demand gameplay of about 200 console-quality titles, including top-tier recent releases, such as Saint’s Row: The Third and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, is being demonstrated on the VIZIO VAP430 Stream Player with OnLive’s Wireless Controller in Las Vegas during the CES show this week.

“We’re excited that OnLive will be making the highest-quality videogames available to all Google TV users,” said Shanna Prevé, Google TV Content Partnerships. “OnLive’s groundbreaking instant-play service truly demonstrates the versatility and power of Google TV.”

Perlman also went on to say:

“In fact, this week at the CES Show in Las Vegas, VIZIO will showcase the first-ever line of Google TV products with OnLive playability built in. With this next generation of VIZIO Internet Apps Plus (V.I.A. Plus) devices, equipped with Google TV 2.0, you can simply power on your HDTV, pick up your Universal OnLive Wireless Controller and play amazing games instantly on demand—no console necessary. Play the first 30 minutes of almost any of OnLive’s 200 games free and buy only what you like, or subscribe to the OnLive PlayPack Bundle for unlimited access to over 140 games. No discs, no big downloads … just like the instant media experience you’ve become accustomed to with Google TV.”

What do you think about the possibility of soon being able to purchase a TV or set-top box that is already equipped with OnLive, booting it up and playing games with your Universal OnLive Wireless Controller? Let us know at Forum


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Alan Blankenship On January - 11 - 2012

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