OnLive Adds Two More To The PlayPack: Tales From the Dragon Mountain and Capsized

OnLive didn’t release any of the AAA games that many have been hoping for this week, but they did add two more games to the PlayPack.  OnLive users are hoping that this recent slow down of big game releases is due to OnLive preparing to launch the new mobile apps and/or web browser.  Anyway, the two games added to the PlayPack are: “Tales From the Dragon Mountain: The Strix” and “Capsized”.

“Tales From the Dragon Mountain: The Strix” is another casual puzzle game. In this game you play Mina Lockheart.  She is haunted by nightmares and bad memories, so she decides to return to her family’s old estate in search of inner peace.  You will fight an evil spirit called Strix by solving puzzles and finding hidden objects.  This game was developed by Cateia Games and published by Layernet. It is playable only by mouse and keyboard, no gamepad support.

“Capsized” is an awesome 2d side scrolling game from Alientrap Games Inc.  This game features beautiful artwork and a great physics engine.  You play an astronaut from the future, whose space ship has crashed on an alien planet.  Being one of the few survivors you take it upon yourself to find the rest of your crew and call for help.  All while fighting off aliens with the use of your trusty beam rifle.  This game can be played not only with the keyboard, but also features gamepad support. “Capsized” has a meta score of 80.

While this week’s releases may not have been the big ones gamers were counting on, we should all keep in mind that good things come to those who wait.  Surely OnLive has some more great games and features headed our way, it’s just a matter of time.  While you wait, check out the trailers for these two games below and let us know what you think of these new games at Forum


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Devon Bradley On October - 4 - 2011

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