FortressCraft is Confirmed to be an OnLive PlayPack Title – Coming Before January 5?

Last month, we reported that a game called FortressCraft was on its way to the OnLive service.

Today, we learn that the game will be available in the $9.99/month (£6.99 in the UK) OnLive PlayPack, when it is released to the service.

In a Twitter conversation today, Twitter user @ImNotADoctor5 asked, “@Fortress_Craft, Will we ever see it on the OnLive PlayPack bundle? I’ll buy it seperately even if it wasn’t, but just wondering.”

The response from DJArcas was, “Definitely! I’m a gamer first and foremost, and as a gamer, subscription-based gaming is amazing!.”

As for when the game is expected to be released, there is no date set in stone yet. However, there are indications that the game should be available on the service prior to January 5, 2012. DJArcas is scheduled to be making an appearance at MAGFest, which runs from January 5-8, and he plans on demonstrating the OnLive build of the game there.

Will you be playing this game in the PlayPack? Let us know what you think about seeing FortressCraft come to the service at Forum.


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Ralph Moran On November - 21 - 2011

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