UPDATED: FortressCraft, Steam Heroes & SkyKids are Reportedly Coming to OnLive

UPDATE: This has now been confirmed by the developers. We have also learned directly from DJArcas (Adam) from Project Games that SkyKids will also be ported over to OnLive.
Here is what DJArcas told us minutes ago:

My current plans are to ‘learn’ the OnLive system by porting my games Steam Heroes and SkyKids to the service; once that’s done, I should have a firm grounding to port FortressCraft across to it. No dates, but the @fortress_craft twitter will contain updates and progress on all the projects.

As a gamesplayer, I feel it’s much, much better to use the PlayPass system, but I’ll be taking advice from OnLive on exactly how it should be done. (subscription based, cloud based gaming? Honestly, it’s like heaven)

Many OnLive gamers have been hoping to see a game such as Minecraft released for the service. While there is no word on if or when gamers could see Minecraft appear on OnLive, we may see a similar title rather soon. Projector Games, appears to be bringing two of their more popular titles to the OnLive cloud gaming service in the near future, and one of them is a game called FortressCraft.

FortressCraft OnLive

While we have not confirmed anything yet with the developer, CrassCast is reporting via twitter, that “DJArcas of FortressCraft is porting his previous project Steam Heroes to OnLive” and “FortressCraft’s porting to OnLive starting next month.”

CrassCast Twitter

Both of these games are popular titles for Xbox Live. However, FortressCraft is surely going to be a game that more OnLive users get excited about. To date, it is the best-selling indie game available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and it has already grossed well over $1 million.

While, many gamers love this title, the creator of Minecraft (Markus Persson) seems to think that the game is basically a clone of his.

Steam Heroes OnLive

Steam Heroes is a puzzle game also available in the Xbox Live Marketplace. In this game, players are to help three brave adventurers on their quest to stop the diabolical Baron Von Smog’s plot to conquer Steam Land. However, there is an army of evil minions that stand in your way. Challenge yourself in this new puzzle strategy game; includes 12 action-packed stages, a full soundtrack, competitive online play, all in stunning 720p HD Graphics. It’s up to you to save Steam Land! (xbox.com)

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Check out the trailer for these games below:


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Maurice Handler On October - 17 - 2011

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