Duke Nukem Forever Whiteboard Art Sharing: Something that makes OnLive unique

For those gamers who have played Duke Nukem Forever, they probably know about a fun little aspect of the game known as the “Whiteboard”. It allows gamers to write and/or draw whatever they like on the virtual in-game whiteboard.

This whiteboard is available for Duke Nukem Forever on all platforms. However, only one platform allows users to share their work with the world. OnLive, with their brag clip feature allows gamers to take a brief video clip of their last 15 seconds of gameplay. Many OnLive users have been using this as an opportunity to show off their in-game whiteboard drawing abilities.

Take a look at the gallery of whiteboard art below:

OnLive user hrubiks seems to have really taken an interest in creating some really nice time-consuming artwork. This is just one feature that makes OnLive so unique when compared to other game platforms. Brag Clips can be created for any game on the service.

Have you created any whiteboard art? Let us know what you think about these works of art at OnLiveFans.com Forum.


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Ed Krassenstein On October - 24 - 2011

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