Best Deal in Video Games? OnLive PlayPack Members Now Get 30% Off Any Item

OnLive broke some incredible news earlier this morning. They have announced that all PlayPack subscribers will now receive an additional 30% off discount for any purchasable item on the service, other than the PlayPack itself. This could quite possibly be the best deal in the entire video game industry.

OnLive PlayPack

The OnLive PlayPack membership costs users $9.99 per month. In return they get access to the entire PlayPack library of games. This is an ever growing library that currently includes 75 different video games. Each week, at least a game or two has been added, and this is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. OnLive has partnered with many publishers to bring their games to the service.

Now, as an added benefit for being a PlayPack subscriber, members will get a 30% discount off any other items they purchase. This could be some of the many AAA game titles that are not currently in the PlayPack, but are on the OnLive service. Additionally this could be an OnLive Game System, or even a gamepad. The 30% discount is also available for already discounted items, such as pre-order deals, $5.00 Friday sales, as well as other frequent sales.

With the economy looking toward perhaps another recession, deals like this may convince more gamers to switch over to OnLive’s cloud game service. OnLive is famous for having ridiculously good deals, but this one seems to beat them all. Best of all, it is not just a one-time sale.

It should really be interesting to see if some gamers take advantage of this deal by simply signing up to the PlayPack, buying a bunch of games for 30% off, and then cancelling their PlayPack subscription. It’s a quick an easy way to get some great AAA titles for quite a large discount. However, the way that OnLive has been adding to their PlayPack with the addition of games such as F.E.A.R. 3 Multiplayer, that might not be so wise to do. The PlayPack seems as though it is here to stay, and will only get better with time.

Let us know what you think about this latest discount that is being applied for all PlayPack subscribers at our Forum. Will you now be inclined to purchase a subscription?


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Ed Krassenstein On August - 5 - 2011

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